Canadian Energy Export Industry Infographic

Methane emissions reduction

Flux Labs, located at St. Francis Xavier University, develops new instrumentation, modeling and analytical strategies for measuring greenhouse gas (GHG) production and emission from soils and apply their expertise to assist in leak detection and environmental performance in the energy industry.
Nova Scotia

Greenhouse Gas Separation Systems Inc. (GGSSI) is an environmental technology company that has developed a patent pending process (Cerenzie Process) for the elimination of greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions that uses recaptured waste gases and converts them to a liquid form with the support of pure oxygen combustion, membrane separation and ozonation scrubbing mechanisms without compromising plant production or remote facility locations.

Quadrise Canada Corporation develops and delivers innovative emulsion technology related solutions. Quadrise has developed technology to provide: fuel combustion cost and emission solutions (low cost fuel, alternative fuel or crude oil, reduce CO2 emissions, reduce NOx emissions and particulate matter emissions), heavy oil transportation and improved recovery solutions (enhanced heavy oil recovery, pipeline transportation), refinery or upgrader pitch solutions for refiners and upgraders and emulsion design and consulting services.

Tugliq offers ready-to-go alternative energy solutions for autonomous networks and microgrids such as islands, remote communities and mining operations that currently rely on fossil fuels for energy generation, transportation and heat.