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Protection services

From the rugged East Coast of Canada to the tropics, Atlantic Offshore Medical Services has been providing quality industrial medical services in harsh, remote industrial environments since 1978.

Hi Temp has committed to providing our users with materials that surpass industry standards for safety during welding. For over three decades since our founding we have manufactured, tested, improved and provided solutions for all types of welding that require industrial fire, welding and safety blankets.

Since 1984, inControl Systems has been manufacturing and supplying fire protection systems and solutions for important projects around the world.  We’re proud to be making products in-house, in Canada, where our research and development team of fire engineers test firsthand the efficacy of our products. We work very closely with our distributors and clients by supporting them with specifications, design, drawings and calculations.


We design, engineer and manufacture the highest quality injection molded plastic cases in the world.’

Opticom Technologies have become embedded in all aspects of the CCTV industry, providing a range of products for industrial and commercial applications.
British Columbia

Founded in 1956 by K.J. ‘Smokey’ Miller, Safety Boss has grown from a one-truck fire company into a fleet of safety, loss-prevention and emergency response equipment operated and managed by the industry’s leading team of safety professionals.